About Us

Smile Again Discount Program

Smile Again is Malaysia’s First Dental Discount program providing an affordable dental savings and discount plan to Malaysians. The program is backed  by over 150 Malaysian dentist and operated by Inovacare.

Inova Care

Smile Again is a program administered by Inova Care. Inova Care was formed in 2002 to provide product development, managed care and third party administration solutions on behalf of insurance companies and corporate clients.

Over 150 dentists and dental clinics in Malaysia

Smile Again consists of a network of over 150 dentists and dental clinics in Malaysia. Check out the directory to find the best near you by reading reviews and ratings.

iBanding Services Sdn. Bhd.

iBanding is an independent and knowledge-based website which acts without favour. We put consumers at the centre of our work to educate Malaysians to find the best insurance for them. iBanding educates on the dental program and helps make Smile Again accessible to Malaysians.