Make Appointment: 5 Steps to visit the dentist with Smile Again

Are you interested to join the Smile Again Dental Discount Program? Read here how it works and how you can schedule an appointment with your favorite dentist or clinic.

steps to make an appointment2

Step 1: Find the nearest dentist or dental clinic

Go to the webpage Malaysian Dentist/Dental Clinics and find the nearest dentist or dental clinic. Note down the name and address, so that you can make an appointment.

Step 2: Call to make an appointment

Call 03 2027 4783 to make an appointment with the dentist or dental clinic. Business hours for the call center are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Tell them the preferred location you want to make a visit.

Call 0320274783

Step 3: Go the selected dentist and register

On the date of the appointment go to the dentist and register. Make sure to confirm with them that they know you are a member of the Smile Again Dental Program and receive either FREE treatment or the preferred discount rate for your service.

Provide authorization letter

Step 4: Receive treatment

Relax and let the professional dentist and nurses take care of your.

Step 5: All is done or you pay the balance

If you have received free preventive visit or free service, you do not need to pay anything.

Note: For addiitonal service or treatment, you get 20% – 80% discount with your membership. Just mention you are a member to your dentist.

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